Types of Coverage in a Boat Insurance Policy

When you own a car, you need auto insurance. When you own a boat, you need boat insurance. These two types of policies are very similar in the way they cover you against accidents. There are different types of coverage inside a boat insurance policy. Each type is a different kind of protection against your risks. At the very least, you must have two liability coverage types to protect yourself. To get started with your boat policy, call us at Walker and Associates Insurance Agencies Inc. in Fillmore, NY.

Bodily Injury Liability

It’s essential to have this coverage to pay for any injuries someone else has due to an accident with your boat. This doesn’t pay for your own injuries. Instead, it covers your liability when you’ve caused a boating accident. Boating accidents are common, and they can result in serious injuries. Make sure you have plenty of this coverage to pay for severe injuries that require expensive medical treatments. 

Property Damage Liability

It’s important also to have this type of coverage. It pays for the damage done to someone else’s property by your boat. You need this coverage to protect yourself from lawsuits and massive repair bills. 

Other Coverage Types

Collision coverage pays for the damages that are done to your boat and the repair costs that are required. This is important because property damage liability only pays for the damage to someone else’s boat. This coverage protects the investment you’ve made into this asset. There is also comprehensive coverage. This is a way to protect yourself against mishaps that can happen off the water. 

Protect Yourself With Boat Insurance 

If you have a boat that isn’t insured, call Walker and Associates Insurance Agencies Inc. in Fillmore, NY.