Motorcycle Insurance in New York

You enjoy going for a relaxing ride on your motorcycle but to fully enjoy that ride, you need to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for your bike to protect your investment. The motorcycle insurance specialists at Walker & Associates Insurance Agencies Inc in Wellsville or Fillmore, NY have the knowledge and experience to help you obtain an excellent insurance policy for you and your bike.

Liability Insurance

In the state of New York, every driver on public roads and streets must have at a minimum amount of auto liability insurance coverage to legally drive. Liability insurance will cover the costs of any property damage or injuries of another driver that you may cause in an accident.

Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage

If you have an accident that another driver causes and that person does not have any insurance or does not have adequate insurance, this type of coverage will help you out.

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a loan for your motorcycle, you may very well be required to have a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy in place. Even if you do not, this is an excellent policy to have since it will help cover the costs of repairs if your bike is damaged in a fire, natural disaster, or due to vandalism. It will also help you recoup the cost of replacing your bike if it is stolen.

Collision Motorcycle Insurance

If your motorcycle becomes damaged because you collide with some other vehicle or inanimate object, collision insurance will help you cover the cost for repairs.

Get the Coverage You Need

To help you decide which coverage options are the best ones for your motorcycle and yourself, contact the experienced and trusted motorcycle insurance agents at Walker & Associates Insurance Agencies Inc. in Wellsville or Fillmore, NY today for a quote and an appointment to discuss your policy options!