Can Unmarried Partners Share a Renters Insurance Policy?

If you are renting a home, apartment, condo, or duplex, it is important that you carry renters insurance. Renters insurance can help to cover your property, in case an event such as a fire or flood damages the home you are renting, and, in turn, damages your belongings. Renters insurance also helps to prevent you from losses in cases of accidentally damaging the property, such as leaving a candle on and starting a fire.

Here at Walker and Associates Insurance Agencies Inc., serving the greater Fillmore, NY area, one of the questions that we are often asked is whether unmarried or unrelated renters, such as partners or roommates, can share a policy. Consult with us to learn more about this important insurance coverage. 

Can Unmarried or Unrelated Individuals Share a Renters Insurance Policy? 

Yes. Anyone who is listed on the lease for a home, apartment, or other types of residential property can share a renters insurance policy. The key to sharing property lies in not being related but in being on the lease. Only individuals who are listed on the lease can be covered. 

What Should You Consider When Sharing a Policy? 

While you can share a policy, many insurance agencies recommend obtaining your own policy. If you are sharing a policy, you have no control over the policy limits or whether the policy is canceled for late payment. When you obtain your own policy, you control all aspects of the policy, helping to control your own coverage limits and payments. 

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