Can RVers Cancel Their RV Insurance When Not Traveling?

RV owners in Fillmore, NY should make sure to insure their vehicles when traveling on the road, as insurance is required per New York State law. The same coverages don’t necessarily have to be in place when not traveling — but this doesn’t mean that it’s right to cancel insurance altogether.

The Risk of Uninsured Losses

Even when not traveling, your RV can still be at risk of theft, vandalism, or damage from natural disasters. Canceling your insurance means these risks are no longer covered, potentially leading to significant financial loss. 

RV insurance policies often include comprehensive coverage for such events, and it’s usually wise to at least maintain this coverage all year.

Alternatives to Canceling Insurance

Instead of canceling your RV insurance, consider adjusting your coverage. Many insurers have options for seasonal or storage coverage, and most companies let you switch between the two when you want. Storage coverage normally only has comprehensive coverage and maybe a few ancillary protections, so it’s highly affordable.

Walker and Associates Insurance Agencies Inc. Is Here To Help

Adjusting coverages is something that you should do with the aid of a knowledgeable insurance agent, such as one of our agents here at Walker and Associates Insurance Agencies Inc. in Fillmore, NY. An agent will be able to help you adjust coverages and make sure the important ones are in place when you need them to be. It’s easy to overlook something if changing coverages on your own.