Commercial Insurance in New York

Businesses in the Wellsville or Fillmore, NY area benefit from using commercial insurance to protect their employees, buildings, vehicles, and other assets. Walker & Associates Insurance Agencies Inc helps companies avoid unnecessary risks by offering this vital coverage.


You can purchase multiple types of business insurance. Some of the most popular options include property, automotive, liability, theft, and workers' compensation. Each form of coverage is available with different levels of protection, so you can choose a plan that meets your firm's specific needs.


New York requires all employers to carry disability and workers' compensation policies. If your business uses vehicles, the government will also expect you to insure them. You'll need an auto liability plan at the minimum; this type of policy only protects other motorists involved in an accident.

Your company might need additional insurance if it serves as a government contractor or performs work involving state infrastructure. For example, the state transportation department requires general liability coverage for highway projects. Exact requirements vary depending on the specific tasks involved.

Lenders frequently expect commercial borrowers to carry certain types of insurance, especially property coverage. They want to ensure that you can still pay off loans when a disaster forces your business to close. If you rent your building or office, the landlord might require you to have a liability policy.


Commercial insurance doesn't only enable you to avoid fines or recover from a catastrophe. It can help your firm succeed in several different ways. For instance, future business partners, investors, staff members, clients, and suppliers may prefer to work with a well-insured company.

  • Achieve greater peace of mind
  • People take your company seriously
  • Potentially gain tax benefits

If your southern New York company needs insurance, turn to the business coverage experts at Walker & Associates Insurance Agencies Inc. Our experienced agents can help you select the right plan. We have access to several reliable carriers with high ratings. Please call or visit our office in Wellsville or Fillmore, NY today.