Do I need RV insurance if I only drive my RV once a year?

Having an RV can be both convenient and fun. Who doesn’t like the idea of having all the comforts of home on the road? However, like a vehicle, any motorized RV must be insured with liability insurance at the least.

Of course, there may be circumstances that require you to carry more than just liability insurance. Any motorized vehicle, RVs included, must be insured with state-required liability insurance. 

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We only use our RV once a year. Do we still need liability insurance?

Regardless of how frequently you drive your RV, you are still required to carry liability insurance. Typically, RV owners must carry standard liability insurance that meets the state minimum requirements. RV owners are also required to carry personal injury protection insurance if they live in a no-fault state.

RV owners must carry bodily injury and property damage liability coverage at $25K per injury/person, and $50K per accident. Property damage coverage must be a minimum of $10K. Uninsured liability coverage must meet the $25K per person and the $50K per accident state minimum requirements for New York. Also, personal injury protection coverage is required at $50K. 

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